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Living with your ghost

Living with your ghost

I saw you today

I smiled

Actually laughed

You were walking down the road

Right in the middle

No shoes

Short jeans skirt

Yelling at the cars

Hair all over

Dirty feet

You didn’t care

Not a bit

Not a care in the world.......

of course

I know

It wasn’t really you

In fact

It couldn’t have been you

It was just me

Missing you

Wishing you were still here.

It’s Been years now

And I know I have thought about you every day

Some just in passing

Some drowning in the memories....

I still drive by places we would go

I see you

In those memories


Being you

The you I love and miss so much.


Though it hurts

The beauty is

that you still exist in those memories,

That you are still alive in my heart....


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