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Pretty Picture

Pretty Picture

I wish I could paint you the pretty picture.

Once upon a times and happy endings.

The ones wherein we ride off into the sunset

To live out our happily ever after.

But reality and fairytales are,

Most often,

Mutually exclusive.

The truth is

ALL of our stories end the same.

The faces

The names,

The minutia,

Will change


The end,

Is the end.

Then again,

Does it matter?

Unquestionable inevitability


One day of a life.

Each and every day before that

Belong to you.

Blank pages.

Unseen art.

Unwritten symphonies.

Live each day knowing,

With certainty,

All things end.

Knowing that,

Make every moment count.

Let those you love KNOW.

Share your dreams.



When you need to cry,


The big, heavy ugly cry

When you are happy,

Be unapologetically happy,

Especially in the rain

And always remember


This moment.

This IS your happily ever after


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